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BioEM Town is a virtual space specifically designed is to bring biological EM community, including technologists, researchers, engineers and vendors, together to promote innovations aimed at optimizing and improving EM sample processing workflow through time saving protocols, new instrumentation and automation. Vendor exhibits will be held in the BioEM Town Hall. Each Exhibit booth can be equipped with bulletin board for text chat, TV monitors for live video demonstration, projectors for video presentations, etc. Vendors are invited to join us in the BioEM auditorium on the last day of the series for the “Innovation Talks” and round-table discussion to encourage cross disciplinary collaborations.

We appreciate any corporate support to enable us to make “BioEM Talk series” a free event.

There are 2 sponsorship opportunities from which to choose:

Gold Sponsor ($500) : A virtual booth in BioEM town Hall for all 4 sessions, display of company logo with link to company website in BioEM Town.
Silver Sponsor ($50): Display of company logo with a link to company website in BioEM Town.

Download Sponsorship Application Form and pay using one of the PayPal buttons below.

Gold Sponsorship
Silver Sponsorhsip

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

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