BioEM Talks Series

These series will be held virtually on four consecutive Fridays in the month of July and August. Each series will include live presentations of three invited speakers, vendor exhibit and presentation booths in the BioEM Town Hall in Gather Town virtual space.

BioEM Talks Program & Registration

Download Tentative “BioEM Talks Program

Please see individual program for each series here

Download “BioEM Talks Flyer

BIOEM Talks Series 1 registration is closed as of July 27th, 2021

Invited Speakers

  • Bruno Humbel, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, Japan
  • Kristina Micheva, Stanford University, USA
  • Douglas Keene, Shriners Hospital, USA
  • Takaku Yasuharu, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan
  • Kirk Czymmek, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St Louis, USA
  • Robert Pope, National Biodefense Analysis & Countermeasures Center, USA
  • Alice Fengxia Liang, New York University Langone Microscopy Laboratory, USA
  • Fei Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Erin Tranfield, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

Innovation Talk Speakers

  • Steven Goodman, Microscopy Innovations
  • Johnny Saldate & Greg Becker, RMC-Boeckeler
  • Stuart Searle, ConnectomX

Visit BioEM Town

BioEM Town is an interactive virtual space set up in Gather Town. BioEM Town is consisted of a Town Square, an auditorium and three 25-seating chat rooms (Spurs, Epon and Lowicryl). Before entering BioEM Town, participants will choose an avatar to represent him/herself and define an interacting distance. Live interactions can be initiated when avatars are in the interacting zone defined by the interacting distance or in a designated “private space”. Participants will be able to stroll through the Town Hall, visit presentation and vendor exhibit booths in the Town Square, and chat with other participants. Participants are strongly recommended to try out the video and audio setting in BioEM Town before the start of the event. Please download BioEMTown Visitor’s Guide here.

2021 BioEM Talks Program Committee

Ru-ching Hsia (rhsia@carnegiescience.edu), Carnegie Institution for Science, Program Chair
Claudia López (lopezcl@ohsu.edu), Oregon Health and Science Univ., Co-Chair
Marcela Redigolo (marcela.redigolo@mail.wvu.edu), West Virginia Univ.
Han Chen (hchen3@pennstatehealth.psu.edu), Penn State College of Medicine
Joe Mowery (joseph.mowery@usda.gov), USDA Agricultural Research Service
Tom Strader (testrader@wisc.edu), Midwest Lab Robotics Interest Group (MWLRIG)

Feel free to contact us for any questions. Check back often for updated information.

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